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Welcome to The Pink Emerald Company. We have, without a doubt, the largest and finest quality collection of Pink Emeralds in the world. No one on earth can come close to matching this unparalleled assemblage of precious pinks. We also have superb Various Colored Gemstones, World Class Gemstones and exceptionally fine Objets d'Art. For the first time in history, this unprecedented collection is made available for your enjoyment and private ownership. Browse at your pleasure, learn, and purchase with confidence. All gemstones in our collection have full gemological data provided by a certified gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the most respected gemstone grading laboratory in the world. Visit our gemological Education section of this web site. Many consider this to be "The No. 1 Authority on Pink Emeralds in the World." Read a front page story about Pink Emeralds that was published in National Jeweler Magazine and see why many feel Pink Emeralds will probably be the hottest new jewelry gemstone of the season.


Our Company is family owned and operated by one of the leading and most prestigious names in the colored gemstone and jewelry industries and has been making fine jewelry, mining and cutting gemstones and collecting "World Class One of a Kind Gemstones" in the United States since 1926. Enjoy our Gemstone Gallery and all of its 7 wings. If you don't see the specific gemstone you are looking for, give us a toll-free call at 1 800 833-GEMS and we will be happy to search our unposted, extensive gemstone inventory of over 5000 gems to fulfill your deepest desire. Also, if you are interested in setting your precious gemstone into jewelry, we have Master Jewelers and International Designers on staff. Our family has been setting beautiful gemstones with world renowned precision and grace for over 75 years. We are extremely proud to present this fabulous collection to the world at this time and welcome all your questions and inquiries. ENJOY.
Think Pink !

The Pink Emerald Becomes The Official Gemstone For Valentine's Day