Where Do They Mine Pink Emeralds?

There is currently no new Pink Emeralds being mined anywhere in the world today. Basically only four areas of the world have produced world class examples of Pink Emerald: Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar and California. Pink Emeralds in very small quantities have been found elsewhere but the majority of production has come from these "played out" mining areas mentioned above.

Where exactly were the old Pink Emerald mines?

  1. The Anjanabonoina mine, Antsirabe, Madagascar is famous for producing gems of the finest deep pink color. It was also discovered in 1908 in Madagascar.
  2. Berry-Havey Quarry area, Poland, Maine. In 1989, one of the largest rough rose colored Pink Emeralds on record was found at the Bennett Quarry near Buckfield in Oxford County. Among the best known finds in Maine's history was that of the Holden brothers of Maine. They found the "Rose of Maine" at the Bennett Quarry in Buckfield in 1989. The 3-foot-long Pink Emerald crystal was the largest gemstone ever found in North America. It weighed almost 50 pounds. The largest of these rough crystals, ("The Rose of Maine"), was about 183,000 carats in the rough. The "Rose" is a soft pinkish, almost peach color, which means that it does not produce cut stones as desirable or costly as darker colored cleaner materials. The crystal was sawed into gem pieces that included 7.7, 5.9, and 1.8 kilogram gem blocks and 7.7 kilograms of various size pieces of gem rough. According to reports, at least one large stone has been cut from the various sized pieces; a pear of over 100 carats. This pocket also produced some specimen-grade Pink Emeralds and other mineral specimens.
  3. Mawi, Pech, Nuristan Valley, Laghman Prov.; Afghanistan. A gem quality mineral find that produced beautiful but limited fine quality stones. No current production or supply.
  4. Coyana, Pederneira, Carai; Minas Gerais, Brazil. These finds were the last of the four producing mines of Brazil and the latest was first discovered in 1992 near the village of Morro Redondo, in the northeast of Minas Gerias. No current production or supply.
  5. The Ural Mountain Mines, Russia. First known to be mined in early 1900's (and rumored to have maybe been opened even earlier) and then later material again surfaced from this area in the early 1990's. No current production.
  6. California, Whites Queen Mine, San Diego; Little 3 Mine, Ramona; Blue Lady Mine, Warner Springs. These mines were first discovered in California in the Pala pegmatites in the early 1900's. No current production or suppy.
  7. Namibia, and Rhodesia, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe. Material first said to have surfaced from around the regions of these present day countries in late 1800's and production from these areas began again in the middle and late 1990's. .No current production or supply available.
  8. Northern Areas: Dassu, Shigar, Drot, Gilgit-Skardu; Pakistan. These particular localities have produced a number of fine Pink Emeralds. There has been a report of a deposit in the Kashmir region of Pakistan. There is currently no production or supply available.
  9. Other Known Finds: Gilette Quarry, Haddam Neck, Middlesex County, Connecticut; Harding Mine, Dixon, New Mexico; Emmons Mine, Greenwood, Maine USA; Elba, Italy.. No current production or supply available at any of these locations.
  10. The Pink Emerald Company and its extensive collection is currently the only major source for fine, gem quality Pink Emeralds in the world. 1 800 833-GEMS
The Pink Emerald Company