The Largest Pink Emeralds in The World

The American Museum of Natural History is home to one of the greatest Pink Emerald statues of all time, a beautiful 2500 carat Chinese Goddess of Immortality, carved of precious pink rough from Madagascar. This statue, although exquisite, is mistakenly credited in the Museum own collection book as being the largest carved Pink Emerald in the world.

This global honor and top position for the largest carved or faceted Pink Emerald in the world is more accurately attributable and currently held by Pinkerton "Pinky", the German carved 5325 carat porcine(pig) of Manfred Wild of the great European carving and gem center of Idar Oberstein, Germany. Pinky has ruby eyes and is pictured to the right sitting next to a 101 carat faceted Pink Emerald:

The largest known faceted Pink Emerald gemstone is a 598.70-carat cushion-shape from Madagascar currently in the collection of the British Museum.


The second largest Pink Emerald in the world is an oval 390.55 carat stone owned by The Pink Emerald Company. This stone was faceted and mined in Brazil.

The largest Heart Shaped Pink Emerald in the world is a 169 carat perfectly cut stone with 100% brilliancy also mined in Brazil and is owned by the Hartnett family of Chicago, Illinois.

The largest known piece of natural Pink Emerald neither carved nor faceted weighs 204,420 carats (90 lbs.) in its rough form and is also owned by the Pink Emerald Company.

The Pink Emerald Company